Last Saturday I watched an inspiring film about slavery in the 17th century called Amazing Grace. It tells the story of William Wilberforce, an abolitionist that fought the trade of slaves from Africa to England. For me it was a real eye-opener into what slaves had to go through, and the abolitionists who fought for their freedom. And, though the news rarely features it, slavery is still going on today.
      Many never hear about it or realise it's still happening. Once they're through with the chapter on the slave trade, they slap the history books shut and forget all about it. "It's over," they say. "The laws were passed that slavery was illegal. Books don't lie."
      But just because something is illegal does not in any way mean that criminals don't exist; criminals who would sell human beings. Because 27 million people are in slavery, around the world - today.* That's more than during the Transatlantic slave trade, and 50% of all victim…
I love Valentines Day (pardon the pun!): the chocolate, the flowers, the Valentines (of course 😊), the pink hearts - and all the love we celebrate. I think that these are all things to be enjoyed, and since this Valentines Day happens to be on Ash Wednesday, my little siblings proclaimed that it was a 'double day'. How sweet!
      But, to be honest, I'm going to think differently about this Valentines Day. The reason? Well, I've been thinking about how people celebrate this day. They eat out, show one another they love them, and it's often quite romantic. However, though all this is good, sometimes we forget about God's love. We are so caught up in the moment that we scarcely remember the truth of John 3:16. When we celebrate Valentines Day, we need to enjoy our families and friends whilst thanking God for them.
     And, even when human love seems to fail, God's love never fails! His compassions are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23). 
     Ever notic…
Have you ever felt different? because you follow Jesus? Believe it or not, this is a good thing. It shows that you are following Christ's example; you see, if we are His children, we are bound to be set apart from the world (2 Corinthians 6:17). I'm not meaning different just for the sake of it (like parading around in a sombrero and pink heels just because that's 'different'!). No, this kind of different means spiritually and emotionally different, and we need to stick with this mindset and attitude, because we are Christians.
      Sadly, there are so many different 'religions' out there that are derived from Christianity. Even some 'Christians' claim they know when Jesus is returning, when the Bible clearly states otherwise (2 Thessalonians 2:1-3). Sometimes it is so hard to be un-alarmed by these false prophets and teachers; and, believe me, I can totally understand that! Obviously, the Thessalonians had this problem too.
      One of the best way…
So often in Christian homes, girls are taught that being fashionable is immodest, so they don't dress well or try to wear clothes that are very plain. Though they mean well, this is not the best. Though we should obviously clothe ourselves in the fruits of the Spirit before we begin thinking fashion, I think it's important to dress well to show others that Christians can actually look nice. But that's just my opinion. 😊       A bit of a problem is the fact that a lot of girls would like to dress well; they just don't know how to, and end up dresssing completely unlike their tastes, personality or beliefs. But, believe you me, you can still look fashionable whilst being yourself! It's a lot more fun to be and act like you, trust me.🙂 I know how it feels to try to be someone else.       So here's a survey for you: to work out your style, your tastes. A long the way we'll uncover Bible truths about what is modest, and what you and your parents believe match up…
Have you ever seen a picture of Rosie the Riveter in a history book? She's the lady with a set jaw and rolled up sleeves. Above her reads 'We can do it!'. This propaganda poster was issued during WW2, to keep the women going who were practically running Britain while the men were on the battlefield. Interestingly enough, a poster that was meant to help during the war actually pictures the long-term effects that this had on people, which can still be seen today.
     OK, so that may sound a little far-fetched. But think about it. As the men left, the women filled in for them, and once the men came back, the women realised they actually sort of enjoyed working away from home, just like a man. That started a cultural revolution, known today as feminism. That might seem strange, since women working away from home seems so normal now, but let me explain.
     In older generations, Mum passed on valuable skills, such as cooking and housekeeping on to Leila, because she was a keepe…
Over the Christmas Season, I have been keeping a look-out for signs of animals and plants surviving the harsh weather. The bird feeder has been packed with visitors, my favourites being robin redbreast (see below).

     Not only are the wild birds out, though. We saw about six deer munching frosty grass several days ago, and in our garden several wrinkled rose-hips are still clinging to the blackened branches of the rose bushes (see below).

     Our chickens were a bit freaked out by the heavy snowfall, but all my family enjoyed shooting pictures and playing in the snow. Below are some of my favourite pics I took on my bridge camera. I hope everyone enjoyed New Year. Many thanks for reading. 😄

Last week I and my family went into our local village for a trip to the small convenience shop to pick up some supplies. While my Dad picked up the food (my Mum was at home with my baby sister), I walked down the aisles. Something caught my eye upon passing the craft section (if you know me, this is an common occurence! 😃).
     It was a small, framed quote. It read: 'The bad news is, time flies. The good news is, you're the pilot!' What really struck me about this simple little frame, innocent as it seems, was the reality behind it.
     Time does fly. But the real problem isn't that; it's the world-view behind, 'good news is, you're the pilot!' To me, this is yet another example of the popular view that humans are all-powerful, unstoppable, unbeatable. It's a God replacing attitude. We are told to flee from idolatry (1 Corinthians 10:14). The way I see it, fleeing from idolising ourselves is one of the hardest challenges you can face.

     I'd l…