Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Living in a more remote area of the UK, though I have six to seven close Christian girls who are my buddies, I don't see them face-to-face every day. But, I still see several per week, and keep in touch with the rest through Skype or e-mail. I believe that choosing the right friends is very important, so I might try to do several posts on this topic.

   I am not a big fan of pink. Only in the last year have I self-consciously tried wearing a pink bracelet, and my pink shirt is mostly unused. Why? One of my friends, at age 10, decided she hated pink. Full stop. And it's stayed with me this long! How on earth did this happen? I simply wanted to be exactly like her, so I let her influence mean more to me than just being myself. And it's a hard habit to break, I know. So, be great friends with people - just don't copy their every move!

   Friends also influence your life choices. Tough decisions can become clearer once you talk to a friend about them. With non-Christians, though, this should be far more limited; for example, if you are reaching out to a drug addict, but mention you feel depressed, guess what they will suggest you do? You need to be very careful about who you tell these things to.

   We also need good relationships with our 'besties'. 😊(Romans 12:9-10). Friendship can be a rocky road (no, I did not say free cake!!), but with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26). I love quoting that verse! It has been a great help to me.

   I recently received a travel journal from the US where girls wrote about themselves, then sent it on to a friend. One girl wrote this:
 "Best friends...love you even when you're being irrational...let you take a bite of their dessert...make you laugh when you're crying...simply make life a lot more fun!"

   I know all my friends fit this description, but even if yours don't, that does not make them less special. However, doing these things are helpful in building strong friendship bonds with others (yes, even sharing dessert! 😀).

   When with non-Christians, try and have a Christian friend around aswell. This can help you both reach out whilst being able to stand firm in your convictions, with Godly support for both of you. Be kind, but firmly rooted in Jesus.

   I hope this post has been helpful and you've learned a lot about true friendship.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

In Autumn, we get a lot of sunsets, sunrises, and a good view of the moon. So, I'm constantly taking photos!!😃 Here are a few of my favourites.
   Sunsets and sunrises are beautiful examples of God's design and majesty. Here is a good illustration for today's Nature Diary post:
   'Lord, our Lord, how majestic is your name in all the earth! You have set your glory in the heavens.'
Psalm 8:1, NIV
Isn't it amazing that our Creator creates more spectacular  sunsets and sunrises around the world, every day!

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

You could say this post is only opinion, but though it is based on what I believe, the Scriptural content is true. Though different people make different choices, this is what I believe to be right, but this does not mean it must be enforced on you. As I always say,  make your own choice.
   I decided I wanted to save my first kiss until my wedding last year. The reason behind this I think is best summed up by Matthew 5:8 (all Bible verses on this blog are highlighted so they can be viewed on Bible Gateway). Some would say purity is only remaining a virgin until you are married, but I think it goes a lot deeper than that. I think it's a heart issue.
   I read in Job that he made a covenant with his eyes not to look lustfully at a girl (Job 31:1), but though some women would say, "Well, it's men's choice not to look at us lustfully!" , we must not by any means try and make them look lustfully at us.
   Unfortunately, many girls try to 'catch someone's eye' in the wrong way; dressing very immodestly, or purposefully looking or acting seductively.
   From my study of God's Word, I think, not only that my first kiss should be saved for that one special person when we get married, but that I should not waste something that important. I also believe that kissing before marriage can be a temptation to go too far.
   Kissing before marriage will by no means make Christ love you less; and just because I have decided on this does not mean I am forcing you to follow me. However, if you feel God is calling you to wait until you get married for this, I suggest praying and looking up Bible references about virgins and purity.
   God bless you in your walk with Christ!

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Often, Christian Homeschoolers are asked "why". And that does not exclude our family.
   "Why are your children not in school? Do you know what you're doing!?"
   "There's no way they'll get any friends. They'll have no social life!"
   "Wow, you kids must be worked to death/lazing around all day."
  Okay, so I did exaggerate just a little bit. But why do we homeschool? Well, to start, our family has found many Bible references about parents teaching their own children (Deuteronomy 4:9, Psalm 34:11, Psalm 78:5-6). 
   Also, our family does not agree with the secular influence found in many schools, and that the home is a better environment to learn in. Often, other religions or atheism are thought of as completely factual and are taught freely.
   School also makes children more "independent"; my older brother went to school when he was little several years, and when Mum started homeschooling, he began to hold her hand again! He had not done this since before school.
   There are some bad affects of school on teenagers aswell. There can be a temptation to smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol or dress immodestly in front of your friends, then be the innocent Christian young lady as soon as you get home.
   If you go to school, though, don't panic! You do not need to let these things happen to you (Psalm 37:1-2). Though things like these can be hard to cope with, ask God for help and self-control. He will never give up on us (Hebrews 13:5). I believe homeschooling is a better choice, but if you go to school, God is in control.
   If you are a homeschooler, I have some advice for you aswell. Sometimes, it can be hard not to look down on school kids, but God made them just like He made us. In the opposite way, don't look at the ground or refuse to talk to them. Ignoring others is very rude and hurtful, even if you feel awkward.
   We are Christ's representatives here on earth, so we need to be careful not to give Christians a bad press in this way. We need to be taught by the Lord (Psalm 25:4-5). That's the best and biggest teaching we will ever have, because it lasts all our lives!
   I hope you've enjoyed this post, and that it has greatly encouraged you. 🙂

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Here is a list of my goals list for this year. God willing, I will be finished it by 2018. 😃 These skills were partly taken from Preparing to be a Helpmeet by Sandi Queen, and I hope they may be of use to you or perhaps someone you know.

Thanks for reading!