I love watching movies. I really do. 🙂 Especially fantasy or historical adventures. My absolute favourites almost always have main characters who feel incapable of doing the task given them (see my profile for favourite films!!), normal people like me. And I think I'm not the only one; TV series, magazine articles, books and films often contain these of 'unexpected heroes'. And, believe it or not, God calls us to be just that!
     Now before you invest in a huge film camera and costumes, you don't need to make a movie to be an unexpected heroine. You see, before we become Christians, we are like normal, unexciting characters in the background. But when we let God into our lives, there are remarkable changes. Suddenly, we are the main characters, battling evil and saving lives.
      You don't have to be a model, be rich, or, be famous to earn this amazing change; all you have to do is let God be your life movie's director. 

      After God becomes your director,…
I hope that your Easter holidays have been going well. 😊 Here Easter has been punctuated by sunshine between the April showers and daffodils (very British, I must say!). These 'spare' days are just perfect for reflection and remembering the Lord, and just recently I thought of a good, hard question to answer in a blog post: how do you love (and cope with!) your siblings?

      There is little mention in the Bible about Jesus' family life, but we can find plenty of instructions on how to treat one another. Though today's stereotypical siblings do not behave well towards each other, this shouldn't by any means stop us from having good relationships with our brothers and sisters.

      Here are some good tips for keeping the peace and loving each other 😉...

1. Be the Peacemaker

Though really difficult to do, be the first to 'give in'. Don't hold anything against the other, and try doing something extra nice for them to help them stop being angry, too.

2. Don&…
Have you ever felt unready to do something that God asks of you? I'm sure I have, and I think that for young Christian teenagers, this is quite normal; everybody has something that seems too big for them. For me it would be shyness - perhaps for another girl, peer pressure. Whatever the case, we all struggle with some problem. 

     In fact, most of these problems all come down to one root fear in the teenage world - we're afraid of being afraid. We're scared of stepping outside of our comfort zones - being friendly, being different, etc. - for fear of failure, or of seeming afraid. So we shrink from who we are and who God calls us to be or do, living quiet, nervous, 'normal' lives.

      I would like to share this quote with you today: 'God is going to send you places you don't feel qualified to go. God doesn't call the qualified, He qualifies the called!' -Micah Tyler, Christian singer. This quote can remind us of our position as followers of God.

In one of my favourite Christian reads, The Tinker's Daughter, the main character, Mary, is told a verse by her father John Bunyan to help her whilst he is in prison: 
'I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.'  Philippians 4:13
      Until the end of the book, Mary instead trusts in her own strength, and repeats to herself only the start of the verse: 'Ican do all things.' How often are we like Mary? We trust in our strength, our capabilities, and hardly give God a thought. To put it bluntly - we want to do it alone. There are several reasons why; the most common of which, I think, is pride. 'I can do it myself,' we think smugly, 'I'll prove God I'm good at outreach/homemaking/prayer, etc. I'll show Him I'm much better than some other people.'

       Another reason can be nervousness. We've failed God in the past, so we're worried God will be angry if we do it again, or accept help of any kind. So we shun the wisdom …
One of the hardest things for me to do is to be willing when I work. Sure, I can dump out feed for the hens, slam food on the table, and glare at my sister when she needs help with schoolwork, but, if that's willing - what isn't?!

      It's tough to be willing (I should know!), especially when you've been out all day, come home tired and after dinner are about to settle down with your favourite book when you realise a mountainous pile of washing needs folded. Instead of being thankful for the clothes your family has, you grump your way through the laundry. And yes, this has happened to me, several times!😕

      Last week, I re-discovered another all-too-familiar verse: Colossians  3:23. I was amazed by how clearly it was written; obviously I wasn't the first (or last!) person who had this problem! 😉

      I think the reason many of us struggle with being willing is because we are not thankful for the work and don't accept any help offered. We don't count…
I'm sure we're all familiar with the phrase, 'You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink'. The same can be said of conversion to Christianity, which is something I would like you to keep in mind during this post, because though we can help lead people to Christ, we alone cannot convert them.
      There often appear to be two reasons why people harden their hearts towards God: first, those who think they are too sinful, and second, those who think they are too good. I'll start by explaining the first.
      Many people, after realising their own sin, are appalled by their uncleanness and think that God could never possibly forgive them (see Luke 5:8-9). It's almost another form of pride, because it makes God out to be not as forgiving or merciful as He says He is. 
    However, Paul, one of Christ's greatest missionaries, started out as a persecutor of the Christians (see Acts 9:1)! God's love for him went beyond all the evil things he…
Have you ever felt that sort of day-to-day grind that gets to a lot of people? When every day, every week seems to be boring and identical to the last? Or when going to Church or Bible reading feels like a chore?

      I think part of our nature today is to never be content with our lives. There's always a new house, new car, an expensive holiday (just ask British Airways! 😉). People often grow dependant on change, fads, new fashions, so much so that it becomes their life.

      This week I came across a familiar Bible verse, Ecclesiastes 12:1 - Remember your Creator when you are young. What really struck me about this verse is how often I gloss over it. To put it bluntly, my mindset, sadly, often is, "Yup, ticked that box. I trusted in God at a young age. Full stop". But, really I need to apply this verse every day. If I read my Bible carelessly, pray habitually, then forget about God till the next morning, what sort of relationship is that?! I need to remember God - His…