So often among Christians, we all have our own beliefs or opinions about...well...Christianity!! This can range between anything from what translation of Bible we prefer, to what Church we support, to how we choose to dress. And, interestingly enough, our personal beliefs about God can cause more strife among our fellow believers than anything else we deem as important.
      One of the main outcomes of this (and sometimes even one of the factors!) is, sadly, the division of Churches. Because we are sinful and prone to anger (though this is in no way an excuse), Churches have been splitting for centuries. There are times when these splits are caused by serious belief issues that the Church disagree on (eg. the definition of marriage, how to worship biblically, etc.), but more often than not, these divisions result from far more trivial things (such as what food or clothing is more 'godly').
      In 1 Corinthians 3:3-4, Paul was obviously having similar problems:   'for you a…
We are often very busy in our lives. Did you know, for example, that in only one day, 330,000 people walk through Times Square in New York! As Christians, we need to use opportunities such as these to witness to the many people around us - even a quick smile to the girl at the checkout or waving to someone we recognise are sending out a good message about you as a Christian. And one of the biggest, hardest ways to be a good witness for Christ be a peacemaker.
       In our culture, making peace is often equated with being weak or even cowardly. Generally, when someone angers you, it looks great to come out on top (of them 😏). They may be in the wrong, but that doesn't give us the green light to start bawling at them. In fact, one of my favourite quotes says'Forgiveness is not about deserving - it's about grace.'
Now, when I was younger, I thought this meant that whenever I forgave my siblings, I could walk around with my head held high, thinking, 'am I sooo …
For Summertime, my parents always give us a reading list to complete. We don't have to finish it before the end of the holidays, but we are challenged by our parents to. 😊 For this year, I decided to share what I'm reading here. Happy reading!

'Growing up Duggar' by Jana, Jessa, Jill and Jinger Duggar.

'Raising Maidens of Virtue' by Stacy McDonald.

'It's not that complicated' by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin.

'The Lost Art of True Beauty' by Leslie Ludy.

'Anne of Windy Poplars' by L.M. Montgomery.

And finally, 'May Flowers' by Louisa May Alcott. Sorry, couldn't find a photo of the book!!! 😊
Have you ever heard the term 'for the greater good'? It wouldn't surprise me if you had. Our modern society places a great deal of importance on more people being rescued, cared for, given attention to, etc. This may sound okay, but the reality is just the opposite.
      I began thinking on this concept about 2 weeks ago when by brother did a survey on philosophy. One of the questions was: 'You are standing on a train platform beside another person, 5 people are stuck on the track, and a train is coming.  If pushing the person beside you into the path of the train could save the 5 other people, would you do it?'
      Now at first, I thought,'well, more people would have their lives saved.' But, what would God think? Taking that person's life would still be murder, no matter which way you look at it (Exodus 20:13). If there was any way that I could save those people by giving my life, I would gladly do so (John 15:13), but doing otherwise is definitely s…
Recently, on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., there's been a craze of uploading a single quote. It is only three words, but it speaks volumes. What it says? 'I am enough'.

       The reason I got thinking about this was that an interesting version af this quote popped up on my own social media. Instead of the quote above, it read 'Christ is in me. I am enough'. I was quite impressed by it, and you will soon see why.

       The phrase 'I am enough' may sound okay at first. After all, we are made in the image of God, and are to be content with who He has called us to be (Genesis 1:27, 1 Timothy 6:6). However, though, this quote portrays a very humanistic worldview. Note how it begins with 'I': 'I' am enough, 'I' am all important, 'I' don't need anyone else.

       This quote shows how we are not to care about others; we don't need anyone, we can go it alone, we are unstoppable, fearless, with no need for God, or anyon…
Do you have a favourite drink? For me, probably hot chocolate...or was it lemonade? I don't really have a favourite, and I'm still workin' on coffee (me and my best friend test it warily every time we meet up 😊), but there's one thing I can't stand: tea. No offense to all tea-lovers out there, but this is how I like to describe it: 'Tea is what it's made of - boiled water and leaves'! You can try milk, sugar, or cream, but I remain unconvinced - I have absolutely no idea whether or not this will change when I grow up.
      But today was different. Today was one of those days when you say to yourself, 'perhaps I've just tried the wrong kind of tea. I just need a new twist, that's all!'
       So my younger sister made me a cup of orange flavoured tea (note to self: never again!); I took one sip and knew the awful truth: it still tasted like tea! Frantically trying to make myself drink it, on the grounds that most of my friends loved tea, …
Today, I was suddenly struck by an odd thought: how often do I tell lies? It just popped into my head, and though it puzzled me, I thought I would sit down and give it some thought.

I can easily remember times when I was younger that I was untruthful - times I took things and lied to get out of it, or was untruthful in front of my friends to make me feel more important. But, seems to me that lies I tell now are even more subtle, even more harmful.

You might be a bit shocked that I still tell lies, even now. But actually, we all do. Sometimes, every day! Even those who would not class themselves as 'liars' are untruthful sometimes. 

      And you know what? I never say my lies out loud. No - these are what I think of as 'self-lies': I get myself into the lie trap, where I am constantly not good enough, smart enough or pretty enough. Then, other days I get proud and head to the other extreme, where everyone else isn't anywhere nearly as amazing as me!

      But it's …