Okay, so here we are again! I never expected to be doing 'Modesty part#3', but my part #2 post had taken up 4 pages, so I decided you probably needed a break for a week before we finished where we left off. So, now let's begin... πŸ˜†

Jewellery and Cosmetics
I really like dressing up; always have! It's one of these things I've just never grown out of - though you could say I do it more 'grown-up style' now. So here are my tips for modest jewellery and make up.
1. Don't make yourself look like a clown. Now, I know most of us wouldn't do this purposefully, but seriously, a lot of girls look like clowns under all the make up they have on...and you've probably met them yourself, or at least seen one. You guessed it...natural make up is my thing. 😊Also with perfume - I don't like making everyone faint when I walk by!!

2. Jewellery. For this, I like cute little pendants and bracelets, mostly silver with tiny jewels. Other kinds are pretty too, though I…
It feels like just yesterday that I wrote one of my first ever posts, Modest for Him. How time flies! 😏 I was hoping to do a follow-up post after it, but God had other plans; and the blog post ideas came thick and fast. Now, over a year later, I was struggling to come up with something compelling to write about (hence the incredibly long break). I felt that all-too-familiar blogging feeling of, 'What gives, Lord? I've prayed for weeks and can't find inspiration. I've covered every topic I can think of in the Bible!' (which, BTW, is not true. I'm pretty sure I've used one verse in at least 3 posts!!) So here I am, down in the dumps, and guess what? I remember about Modesty part #2.

      Last time we discussed the heart issues of modesty - it needs to go more than skin deep (literally). So today I thought I'd share my own opinions and beliefs on modesty, and why I wear what I do. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜


Speech and…
hope [noun]:
a feeling or desire for something and confidence in the possibility of its fulfillment

Lily trudged home with a heavy heart; her friend, Christie, had just been diagnosed with cancer. But what troubled her even more were her friend's words. ' I'm too young to die, Lily,' Christie had sobbed. 'What will happen if I do? I've got no hope - I'm so scared!'

Have you ever felt like Lily? Walking through your daily life, when something hits you out of nowhere? Today, I would like to talk to you about hope.

     If you ever look up 'hope' in the dictionary, you'll probably come across a similar definition to the one above. Maybe you'll also see some synonyms: trust, believe, expect. But what should hope mean to us?

      Sadly for many today, there is no hope. They are simply frittering life away while they can, feeling certain that at the end, they can explain themselves to God (because, well, they're pretty good people, right?). Th…
I am a bit of a tidy freak. Okay, maybe more than just a bit. Anytime I see a sheet of paper peeking out from my neat row of notebooks, or hear the distinctive 'clink!' of a pin falling down the back of my dresser, my tidy brain goes into overdrive!

      Pens, books and the odd cat (I can neither confirm nor deny whether that was fictional! 😏) go flying as I reorganize and sort. Some wonder why I do it - others how much quieter it would be if I did not!! Because, once you've sorted out one thing, everything else looks in need of a clean. Often when this happens, several of my siblings walk in halfway through and go, 'wow, didn't realise it was this messy in here' (talk about the most crushing comment when you're cleaning up 😊)!

     But, what they say really does have a point (and I'm not just talking about tidying!). After all, sometimes our lives feel like that! When we trust in God, He regularly goes on a 'cleaning spree' through all areas o…
So often among Christians, we all have our own beliefs or opinions about...well...Christianity!! This can range between anything from what translation of Bible we prefer, to what Church we support, to how we choose to dress. And, interestingly enough, our personal beliefs about God can cause more strife among our fellow believers than anything else we deem as important.
      One of the main outcomes of this (and sometimes even one of the factors!) is, sadly, the division of Churches. Because we are sinful and prone to anger (though this is in no way an excuse), Churches have been splitting for centuries. There are times when these splits are caused by serious belief issues that the Church disagree on (eg. the definition of marriage, how to worship biblically, etc.), but more often than not, these divisions result from far more trivial things (such as what food or clothing is more 'godly').
      In 1 Corinthians 3:3-4, Paul was obviously having similar problems:   'for you a…
We are often very busy in our lives. Did you know, for example, that in only one day, 330,000 people walk through Times Square in New York! As Christians, we need to use opportunities such as these to witness to the many people around us - even a quick smile to the girl at the checkout or waving to someone we recognise are sending out a good message about you as a Christian. And one of the biggest, hardest ways to be a good witness for Christ be a peacemaker.
       In our culture, making peace is often equated with being weak or even cowardly. Generally, when someone angers you, it looks great to come out on top (of them 😏). They may be in the wrong, but that doesn't give us the green light to start bawling at them. In fact, one of my favourite quotes says'Forgiveness is not about deserving - it's about grace.'
Now, when I was younger, I thought this meant that whenever I forgave my siblings, I could walk around with my head held high, thinking, 'am I sooo …
For Summertime, my parents always give us a reading list to complete. We don't have to finish it before the end of the holidays, but we are challenged by our parents to. 😊 For this year, I decided to share what I'm reading here. Happy reading!

'Growing up Duggar' by Jana, Jessa, Jill and Jinger Duggar.

'Raising Maidens of Virtue' by Stacy McDonald.

'It's not that complicated' by Anna Sofia and Elizabeth Botkin.

'The Lost Art of True Beauty' by Leslie Ludy.

'Anne of Windy Poplars' by L.M. Montgomery.

And finally, 'May Flowers' by Louisa May Alcott. Sorry, couldn't find a photo of the book!!! 😊